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Revive the Allan


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Revive the Allan is a project delivered in partnership with Blackford Estates to restore the upper reaches of the Allan Water. The stretch of the Allan Water which flows from Greenloaning to Blackford was heavily modified in the 1800’s when the Stirling to Perth railway line was installed. The river, a once meandering, diverse river was straightened along the line of the railway with embankments created to reduce areas of farmland around the river from flooding.

It is now generally known that these modifications cause harm to the river, reducing its wildlife potential within the catchment.

Revive the Allan has worked within the land use constraints to bring diversity of habitat to the river.

Large woody structures were installed within the channel to help recreate natural processes that wood provides a river, something that is lacking in the upper Allan due to lack of riparian trees. These structures have been placed to provide maximum benefit for the river, cleaning gravels, providing refuges for fish, creating pools for fish but also help reduce river bank erosion.

Riparian tree planting was also carried out to help boost the number of trees along the Allan’s river banks. over 2000 trees were planted to boost riparian planting along the river banks, helping to stabilise the river banks in the future. Alder, Birch, Aspen and Rowan were planted.

Reconnecting the Allan to its floodplain helps reduce downstream flooding by holding water back in the upper catchment. The project removed a section of flood embankment to allow the river to spill out onto the floodplain.  A number of scrapes were also created which will boost wetlands locally and help hold more water back. This will boost the habitats locally for wading birds.

Forth Rivers Trust

Blackford Estate

Funded by NatureScot Biodiversity Challenge Fund