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Short video explaining Building with Nature project now available


RRC Conference 2019

**Call for Abstracts** The 20th River Restoration Centre Conference will be held...

ECOMED Congress

Soil and water bioengineering comprises a series of techniques involving the use...

Case Studies


West Sands Beach, St Andrews

In 2010 a large scale dune restoration project was completed at West Sands Beach...

Dunruchan Peatland Restoration, Knaik, Allan Water

Peatland restoration is important for storing and sequestering carbon, improving...



The NFM Network Scotland is a forum for flood risk management authorities, researchers and practitioners to connect and share their experiences. It is a dedicated resource on NFM that supports those tasked with delivering this approach to sustainable flood risk management in Scotland. However, you don’t need to live in Scotland to join; the network is open to all. Benefits of signing up include:

  • Be part of the NFM community in Scotland and contribute your own experiences
  • Keep up to date with NFM related news and events
  • Have the option to receive news updates
  • Connect with new and existing contacts working with NFM through online items
  • Search for information and examples in case studies and topic areas
  • Its free to join!