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Shelforkie Moss Restoration

Catchment Information

The Allan Water project is a catchment based approach to nature restoration for the benefit of wildlife, rivers and communities.  Within the project there are a number of additional projects where we work with local landowners to improve rivers and land management. Shelforkie Moss Restoration Project has restored threatened peatbog habitat within the catchment for the benefit of wildlife, habitats and communities. 

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Project Descriptions

Shelforkie Moss lies due west of the A9 just up from Greenloaning. The bog spans roughly 100 hectares and provides habitat for a range of wildlife including sphagnum mosses, dragon flies and more.

The bog had been ditched in the 20th century with two large and deep ditches cut into the peat to help remove water from the bog and drain it into the Allan. 

In 2020, the Trust engaged with the landowner, Blackford Estates, to identify what restoration measures could take place on the bog. Previous to this, NatureScot had identified it as a site worth considering for improvement.

A number of options where identified which included plastic piling dams and woody debris to help slow the flow of water from the bog and help restore the habitat which had been damaged by the ditch cutting. 

DC Diggers undertook the work during the Winter of 2021/22 with piling dams constructed along the course of both ditches. 

The works have now been completed and the bog is now able to start healing itself for the benefit of the catchment and wildlife locally.