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There is a good level of understanding of the local hydrological effects of most NFM measures. However, the wider hydrological impacts of NFM measures at the catchment scale are less clear. This topic includes research on the effects of NFM, as well as research that supports delivery, such as social research on land managers attitudes to NFM or barriers to implementation. Scientific research is available in all forms and scales, for example, from empirical studies to new modelling tools and from the plot scale to the full catchment scale.

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A report has just been published by scientists at the James Hutton Institute, SRUC and University of Aberdeen that assesses the socio-economic impacts of soil degradation on Scotland’s water...
The 2024 British Hydrological Society National Symposium will be held at the University of Oxford on the 23rd and 24th September. This major two-day event will showcase research across the...
Scientists at the University of Aberdeen and James Hutton Institute have just published a paper on a new approach for characterising temporary storage area (TSA) functioning. The open access...


This report (published by CREW) provides a review and analysis of information on the passage by fish at wooden obstacles (woody placements), used for flood management, in Scotland.



Embedded thumbnail for Eddleston Water, Tweed Catchment
Embedded thumbnail for Eddleston Water, Tweed Catchment