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Natural Flood Management handbook available from SEPA

18 Dec 2017

Natural Flood Management handbook available from SEPA

In 2016 a Natural Flood Management Handbook was published by SEPA. This comprehensive document provides an overview to Natural Flood Management. Lead author, Heather Forbes, Senior Policy Officer in SEPA’s Flood Risk Management team, said:

“Flooding has caused devastation and misery for many people across Scotland in recent weeks, and highlighted the increasing pressure on flood risk defenses. To continue to focus only on managing flooding through these traditional means is not sustainable. By managing the sources and pathways of flood waters further up the catchment, we can help to reduce the impacts on any defenses downstream. This new handbook has been produced to guide those responsible for implementing natural flood management approaches, and provide them with the necessary information. This document will be updated as our understanding of natural flood management develops.” The document covers both catchment and coastal NFM (including information on measures). It also gives an overview of the multiple benefits, tools to assess NFM, details on implementing and managing NFM projects, and finally covers funding issues. It is supported by detailed case studies which bring together the previous chapters.

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