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Nature Restoration Fund 2023 - current round is live

23 Feb 2023

Nature Restoration Fund 2023 - current round is live

The Helping Nature strand is now open for Expessions of Interest, which must be submitted by Monday 6 March 2023.

NatureScot invite protects requesting a grant of £25k - £250k to be delivered over a maximum of two years.

The priorities under freshwater restoration are listed below:

  • Natural flood management and surface water management solutions such as reconnecting rivers to floodplains
  • Restoring water courses, for example re-meandering, reprofiling and deculverting stretches of rivers/streams historically straightened
  • Instream and bank works to increase habitats and/or reduce flow, erosion, sediment wash out and reduce water temperature increases
  • Increasing lowland ponds and other water and wetland habitats. 

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