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Working with Natural Processes Evidence Directory launched

18 Dec 2017

Working with Natural Processes Evidence Directory launched

The Environment Agency for England and Wales recently published various outputs from the Working with Natural Processes (WWNP) project. The project looked at mechanisms to reduce flood hazards by using natural techniques in catchments and coasts. The project is underpinned by an extensive literature review which collated all known available knowledge within the UK and also drew upon relevant international literature. This literature has been synthesized into one location allowing it to be accessible to flood risk planners and other interested bodies. The main document is the 'evidence directory' which includes;

 • a detailed literature review

• 65 case study examples

• 14 one-page summaries of each measure

• Guidance on monitoring

The evidence directory interprets complex literature into simple to understand scientific confidence (low, medium or high) levels. The directory also gives an overview of additional multiple benefits for each measure, for example on, water quality, habitats for wildlife and providing climate regulation. There are other products too such as open access maps for England on NFM potential. This evidence base is now publicly available from the link below along with a presentation giving an overview to the project


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