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Results published from Eddleston NFM study

20 Aug 2021

Results published from Eddleston NFM study

Results have recently been published from the Scottish Government’s flagship NFM study in the Eddleston Water catchment.  Seeking to examine the effectiveness of NFM measures combined across the 69 km2 area of the Eddleston Water catchment, the study examines hydrological lag as an index of the effectiveness of NFM measures, and how this changes as a function of catchment scale.  The paper shows that median lag time increases by more than 2 hours in headwater catchments treated with the installation of ponds and flow restrictors, with significant results being shown for catchments up to 25 km2 in area.  However, in catchments where only riparian planting and fencing had been installed and at monitoring sites with larger catchment areas, there were no significant increases in lag. The results should be taken to encourage adoption of NFM measures in catchments at least up to 25 km2 in area, by themselves, or in combination with other flood risk management measures such as structural defences and flood warning systems.

A NERC NFM webinar on 26 August will feature a presentation and discussion of the results and a recording will be available shortly after. To register for the event or access the presentation after the event please visit this site.

The open access publication can be accessed via the link below.

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