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Menstrie catachment


Catchment Information

This research was conducted in the Menstrie catchment, a tributary of river Devon. Menstrie catchment belongs to the river basin of the River Forth. The catchment itself lies upon the western region of Ochil Highlands, which is known for its relatively steep slopes in the headlands and gently sloping foothills. Menstrie burn has three tributaries named: Inch 1, Inch 2 and Inch 3. The Menstrie catchment is particularly diverse in terms of its climate, topography, soil types and land cover and has three main sub-catchments: (1) Inch 1 (0.90 km2), (2) Inch 2 (1.88 km2) and Inch 3 (1.74 km2)

Stage of project

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Monitoring Undertaken


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Project Descriptions

This project focused on monitoring the effect of different forest cultivation methods on hydrological responses in a hillfort catchment. The work was located in the upland sections of the Menstrie Burn catchment in Clackmannanshire (Scotland), where a large plantation was established in 2015.
The research established a monitoring network for weather parameters (precipitation, temperature etc.) surface water runoff processes and instream flows across different cultivation techniques. The river tributaries were monitored, and a set of seven research plots were established across three different cultivation types, plus an unplanted control. The seven plots were chosen to establish replicates, and explore the influence of aspect, underlying soil type and slope on response to vegetation change. Also, sediment runoff was recorded using a series of sediment traps at a research plot.


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